The adventurous

True GS feeling

Do you want to rediscover the #SpiritOfGS every day? Then the G 310 GS Rallye is the right bike for you. Pack everything you need while travelling into the large side bag. Because you might want to put in a few more kilometres when the Navigator shows you the most scenic route to your destination. Thanks to the handlebar risers, you can sit more upright and see what is happening. The hand guard and heated grips protect your hands year-round from the wind, weather and cold. And the aluminium engine guard including engine protection bar protects the heart of your bike from stone strikes and damage whenever your path becomes a bit rougher.

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Side bag large

The waterproof side bag in a clean technical design provides a lot of space for your luggage at 15 litres of storage space.

Heated grips

The three level, adjustable heated grip keeps hands and fingers pleasantly warm even on cold days.

BMW Motorrad Navigator VI

Holder for BMW Motorrad navigation devices

The holder for the BMW Motorrad navigation device is attached to the handlebar clamping block in the rider's direct field of view.


Navigator VI

The Navigator VI is not just for touring fans. The system offers a wealth of additional functions in addition to providing perfect navigation.

Engine guard

Engine protection bar left and right

The engine protection bar made from stainless steel protects the area around the cylinder from damage without restricting the tilt angle.


Aluminium engine guard

The robust aluminium engine guard provides effective protection against stone strikes and damage caused when mounting.

Handlebar risers

The 15 mm handlebar risers make both seated and standing positions comfortable, ensuring noticeably safer handling of the bike when off road.

Hand protectors

The robust hand protector gives the machine a sporty look and protects your hands from the wind, weather, branches and stones.

The Commuter GS

Your reliable companion

Conquer the urban jungle with ease on the G 310 GS in Cosmic black 3. Whether you are on your way to work, the fitness studio, or to a friend's, your luggage goes in the topcase and you sit comfortably on the “low” seat. With the ConnectedRide Cradle, you always have an eye on your phone. The black windscreen protects you from blasts of wind on stormy days, and the centre stand keeps your bike secure when loading, refuelling or parking.

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Topcase light, 29 l

The Topcase light, at a volume of 29 litres, provides enough space for a helmet and is ideal for everyday riding as well as on small tours.

Low seat

For shorter riders especially, the 15 mm lower seat makes it easier to climb on and off your bike and gives you easier access to the ground.

Centre stand

The stable centre stand keeps your bike secure and is of great help when refuelling or loading, or when checking your tyre pressure.

Sport windscreen, black

The black, tinted Sport windscreen accentuates the sporty design of the bike and noticeably protects your upper body from wind pressure.

Design your individual G 310 GS

Let your creativity run free and configure a bike according to your own imagination.

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